How Technology Replaces the Man Work and Its Consequences

Technology means machines and devices developed by scientific way. With “Technology” word, the things that strike in our mind are Success, development and progress. This is true, because with the development of new technologies we are leading towards success.

In early days, people maintain their hand written data in papers, leaves etc. It was very difficult to maintain old record because excess paperwork overwhelmed. There were most of the chances of spelling mistakes in the manually written records. With the human effort some devices like computers, notepads, mobiles etc are developed. All these devices are new technologies that make human life very comfortable and easy. With Cars, buses, airplanes, ships etc it is very easy to travel from one place to another place in very less time. There are so many technologies that we use in our daily life like mobiles, washing machines, refrigerators laptops etc. We all want this because technology satisfies the requirements such as utility, usability and safety.

Now, in agriculture, some of the innovative and advanced technologies are used that makes farming very easy. With advancement in technology, the presence of the world’s farmers is made redundant and irrelevant and this threatening the livelihood of farmers. The decline in the number of farms is likely to accelerate in the coming years with advances in agricultural software and robotics that will lead to higher yields and fewer workers. To increase the productivity, some of the toxins and pesticides are used in fields that make all the crops very harmful for health.

Manufacturing of products in factories can be done in less time with less effort. For example, now a car company can manufacture hundreds of machines in a day where human can manufacture one car in three or four days. So technology increases the productivity. Robots replaced the workers because advanced machines provide the intelligence and flexibility and are very cost effective as compared to workers. It is estimated each robot replaces four jobs in the economyScience Articles, and its result is unemployment.

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