Independence Rock

Independence Rock is India’s oldest & biggest Rock Music Festival and has earned the sobriquet – “Woodstock of India”. It is essentially the biggest platform for Rock Bands in India and has been the cradle and barometer of the Indian Rock Music scene.

Independence Rock has been committed to promoting Independent Music and Artists, and has given them a platform and promoted Indian artists, encouraged them and has matched their stoic perseverance with steadfast confidence in their talent. Today, these artists have found recognition on a national level and their pertinacity has brought them strong following across the nation. Almost every major Indian Rock act over the last 27 years has been discovered playing here, and every Indian Rock Band that has ever made any impact in India has been discovered at Independence Rock. A few who rose to fame are Parikrama, Zero, Pentagram, Parikrama, Motherjane, Them Clones, Demonic Resurrection, Pin Drop Violence, Indus Creed, Agni, Brahma, Gary Lawyer.


September 03, 2016

Richardson Crudas Ltd , Mazgaon , Maharashtra 400008, Sri JJ Flyover

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